Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ryan Goins breaks Travis d'Arnaud's record

Love getting the double apostrophe into a headline. The Fisher Cats lost again, 6-5, in a battle with the New Britain Rock Cats today, but I'm here to tell you about the silver lining. That's because I'm flat-out cheery today. Shortstop Ryan Goins had three hits, breaking a club record with his 41st base knock of the month. Travis d'Arnaud had the record for hits in a month (40) last July en route to winning Eastern League MVP honors. "I feel way more relaxed this season at the plate with my swing path and looking for pitches I'm getting to hit. I have confidence up there every day, just trying to be patient and be the best that I can be," Goins said ... Helluva month for Goins, who batted .357 with seven doubles. Excellent situational hitter knows how to move runners. Clutch, too. On the season, the kid is 21-for-47 (.447) with runners in scoring position.

Paul Blart would be proud

I observe, gather content and report. That's the job. Worked my butt off to get here. I won't be pushed around or intimidated.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Public Enemy No. 1: Ram of War

This is "Ram of War." He keeps it real. He dominates children in on-field challenges, always winning games of tug-o-war and feats of strength. He should beat them because he's bigger and stronger. That's life. Dude is a solid four bills. He's pretty much the greatest thing happening at Fisher Cats games this season. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sal Fasano will punch you, fine you and take your iPad after checking your "Face Book"

The Sons of Sal can't say "swag," either, but that's old news as we talked about in this interview. This list is posted in the clubhouse, near the food spread and on the bulletin board for everyone to see. If you ever wondered about player expectations here in Double-A -- and the evolving landscape of social media facing today's athletes -- the Fasano Edict pretty much covers everything. At least the important stuff. Tonight's music selection was up to Chad Jenkins. Personally, I think it's a pretty good list, though we need some clarification on facial hair (Sal Fasano Bobble Stache Night is June 24). Others on Twitter seem to love it. Click on the picture to enlarge: