Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bruins and Maple Leafs quote of the night

Tyler Seguin notched his first career hat trick, and Tim Thomas made 25 saves for his 27th career shutout. We warned you to Fear the 'Stache, but a 7-0 shellacking of the Maple Leafs was a bit more than Bruins fans could have hoped. Toronto left wing Joffrey Lupul, in this story by the Toronto Star, said the Leafs' effort was embarrassing.

“The Stanley Cup champions came in and they kicked our ass every which way.”

Les Miles + Twitter equals good fun

Alabama kickers (1-for-4) are awful in the first half but Les Miles' coaching offsets the ineptness. Cruising through Twitter while watching Alabama vs. LSU:

 Eric Eiermann: everybody EXCEPT Les Miles knows Jordan Jefferson is terrible. 

 TNRLM : Every time Les Miles claps, I think someone is going to give him an adorable stuff animal.

 justin lowe: Somebody tell les miles if you use 2 qbs you really have none

 Clay Chandler: Would the Rapture happen if Les Miles suddenly switched to a houndstooth hat?

 Diana Gonzales: Apparently, Les Miles is taking a page out of the ucla manual. Punting is winning.

ENTRANCE FAIL: LSU coach Les Miles takes a tumble upon
 entering the field in Tuscaloosa. AP Photo

Travis Snider, aka "Lunchbox," gets it done

As you may know, we at the Gray Matter Baseball Academy are big fans of Travis Snider. A few little-known facts: Upon reporting to Double-A New Hampshire in 2008, his new teammates put the "Snider" locker name tag on a bathroom stall ... He pulled a Roy Hobbs and hit bombs, winning the Eastern League Home Run Derby with majestic shots at a light tower in RF ... Snider made a cameo appearance in the indie film "K2 Swag District" during 2011 spring training. OK, that was a little cheesy if you clicked the link, but you have to respect our attempt at remaking a "Training Day" scene.

Snider brought his mustache into the 2011 season and posed for media day, knowing full-well the mugshot would be immortalized forever. That's dedication. My wife loves how the 'stache is juxtaposed against the boyish rosy cheeks ...

                                                                                                   Toronto Blue Jays

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tim Thomas and his day-glow orange mustache will lead the way

Like the glowing index finger of ET, the Extra Terrestrial, the mustache worn by Tim Thomas is a beacon of hope. Now stay with me on this one. The 'stache is a metaphor for the Bruins' mothership. Thomas and his orange whiskers will guide the defending champions through their Stanley Cup hangover, starting Saturday night against the Toronto Maple Leafs. This I guarantee. Presenting the Nov. 3 Mustache of the Day as part of the "Movember" initiative: 

Fear it, Maple Leafs. This mustache will guide the Bruins out of their slump. It's like Rudolph's nose on Christmas. Um, right?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mustache of the Day: John Axford

JOHN AXFORD led the National League with 46 saves but since accomplished something more impressive. The Ontario native was named the 2011 Mustached American of the Year by the American Mustache Institute. We knew the 'stache was powerful, but good enough for a Canadian to win an American award? Yes!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Mustache Season!

Some call it "Movember." I say it's an excuse to grow a 'stache honoring Sal Fasano. No matter how you spell "moustache" -- hello to my Canadian friends -- this month is all about the cookie duster. I have just watched an episode of Gold Rush Alaska on the Discovery Channel, and the Mustache of the Day goes to Jim Thurber. He's a grizzled Oregonian and down on his luck, but he still cares enough about his 'stache to dye it, flaunt it and filter Alaska dirt through it, occasionally finding a gold nugget. 

Jim Thurber, Gold Rush Alaska

Costume of the night!

This trick-or-treater had ET phoning home in Bow, N.H. There is no bike, just the basket attached to the handle bars. Perfect for walking around. And that's a 14-year-old, Simba, checking out ET.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's always baseball season at our house!

Happy Halloween! This is a Double-A New Hampshire Fisher Cats pumpkin carved by the Gray family of Bow, New Hampshire. Love the reflection off the counter top!