Saturday, November 5, 2011

Les Miles + Twitter equals good fun

Alabama kickers (1-for-4) are awful in the first half but Les Miles' coaching offsets the ineptness. Cruising through Twitter while watching Alabama vs. LSU:

 Eric Eiermann: everybody EXCEPT Les Miles knows Jordan Jefferson is terrible. 

 TNRLM : Every time Les Miles claps, I think someone is going to give him an adorable stuff animal.

 justin lowe: Somebody tell les miles if you use 2 qbs you really have none

 Clay Chandler: Would the Rapture happen if Les Miles suddenly switched to a houndstooth hat?

 Diana Gonzales: Apparently, Les Miles is taking a page out of the ucla manual. Punting is winning.

ENTRANCE FAIL: LSU coach Les Miles takes a tumble upon
 entering the field in Tuscaloosa. AP Photo

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