Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tuesday Blue Jays Notebook

Nestor Molina is excited about the trade for Sergio Santos but is feeling the bittersweet emotions. "Really, I feel so happy because this can be my big opportunity, but I feel sad because I'm going to leave all my Toronto people," he said.

It's been 24 hours since the Fisher Cat for ex-Fisher Cat trade, and the people I trust most in the business are pretty mixed when I've asked them about it. Let's hope it's a win for both parties ... There is a story in the Toronto Sun that calls out Anthony Gose for his lack of hustle in the Arizona Fall League. I was asked about this by the Jays Journal. A bit of my response as quoted by the Journal:

 "Were there times when Gose didn't run out a ground ball? I'm sure. Is it worth a headline in the Toronto Sun? Don't think so. We're talking about a dynamic player who stole 70 bases and sparked New Hampshire to an Eastern League title, played in the Arizona Fall League and kept right on going to winter ball. Personally, I would cut him a little slack if he didn't run out a grounder under the Peoria sunshine." 

Hate to break it to the folks at TMZ, but Ricky Romero and former Miss USA Rima Fakih are no longer an item. The power couple ended a serious relationship about a month ago. Good move for Ricky. The not-so-role-modeling Rima was busted for DUI on Saturday after driving a friend's Jaguar ... Caught up with Yankees prospect  Joey Maher in Manchester, N.H. This kid is a character. Maher, 19, talks about adjusting to the pro game in this 90-second vid ... Here is video from a terrific baseball clinic held over the weekend. I was honored to be a coach at the event that raised $1,400 for three charities, including the Union Leader Santa Fund.


Anonymous said...

Once again Kevin, good blog.....I will miss Nestor since I put a bit of time in with him in Spring Training...I hope "Signore Type Instruction" doesn't come back to beat us in the playoffs. As you know Kevin, as the Head Coach of the University of Phoenix Online, my time is limited as we prepare for DeVry University Online for the National Championship to be held at Bill Gates Stadium.

I came up with the final title for my book I have spent 16 years accumulating notes for. It will be called : Staff Infection: The Dark Side of Minor League Baseball That The Fans Don't See. I am going to ask you here and now Kevin to write it with Patrick for me. Then we can all do the Talk Show tour, me reeling but happy from a divorce but a lot of book sales. Don't let me down.
Until we speak again my good friend.
Tom Signore

Kevin Gray said...

Wow. Phoenix Online vs. DeVry Online will be epic. Naturally, I have a bias toward Phoenix since accepting the position as on-line equipment manager.

Your book sounds awesome. We will talk. Let me check with my agent.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll wait for you to ask your wife, but don't take too long or I'll give it to Feinstien.

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