Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fisher Cats, Primaries and Granite State Mountain Men

Today I got swept up in the political realm and wrote a page 1 centerpiece for the New Hampshire Union Leader, attempting to capture the atmosphere and vibe of downtown Manchester, N.H. "You are the presidential Super Bowl,” a 72-year-old visitor from Wisconsin said. Having the first presidential primary is a pretty cool thing. The Double-A Fisher Cats were actually named the Primaries for a couple weeks in the winter of 2003.

Fans, however, didn't like the name Primaries because they didn't want baseball mixed with politics. Thousands of fans protested by signing an on-line petition, and soon the franchise conducted a Name the Team contest. The Fisher Cats name defeated the Manchester Millers (by 22 votes), followed by the Granite State Mountain Men, New Hampshire Granite and New Hampshire Primaries. A Fisher Cat is actually a "fisher" or weasel-like creature that is often blamed for any missing cats in New Hampshire. It's nasty night hunter that's known to chow down on porcupine and rabbit.

One day when I arrived at my father's mountainside home in Bridgewater, N.H., this fisher was hanging in a tree, shot by a neighbor.

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