Monday, April 2, 2012

Fisher Cats Media Day Fun

Drew Hutchison will start Thursday's opener at Trenton, followed by Chad Jenkins and Deck McGuire in the rotation. In two sentences, Hutch succinctly talked about his thoughts on being a top Toronto prospect. "My responsibility is to go there and give everything I can to help the team win that day," he said. "If you work had and that's your approach, none of the other stuff matters."

Other compelling notes: Mike McDade had to unfollow teammate Justin Jackson on Twitter. "I couldn't even look at other people's stuff. It was just him," McDade said. Hutchison added, "The feed was getting clogged." Koby Clemens crushed his first interview session, even dropping "oppo-taco" and talking about being a leader in the clubhouse. I already like this kid, who, yes, was almost immediately asked about his dad. "People talk about the pressures of my last name, but I always say I'm going to be Koby Clemens. I'm going to be Koby. My dad's always said that. I'm just like anybody else that's trying to make it in this game."

The Rocket's oldest son had all the right answers, even when asked about the negative side of the Clemens name. "I really don't look at negatives if anybody brings them up. I've got a lot more positives coming back from having my dad being who he is," Clemens told Marc Thaler of the New Hampshire Union Leader ... Here's our low-key interview with Hutchison and McDade, who discuss @JaxChillinOne and other random issues as we chat inside the visiting clubhouse: 

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