Monday, November 28, 2011

The Alumni List

Fifty-two Fisher Cats graduates who've reached the majors, courtesy of team historian Bob Lipman: 2004 -- Kevin Frederick, Gustavo Chacin, Brandon League; 2005 -- Aaron Hill, Tyrell Godwin, Dustin McGowan, John-Ford Griffin, Shaun Marcum; 2006 -- Casey Janssen, Steve Andrade, Francisco Rosario, Edgardo Alfonzo, Zach Jackson, Ryan Roberts, Davis Romero, John Hattig, Kevin Barker, Adam Lind; 2007 -- Jamie Vermilyea, Jesse Litsch, Howie Clark, Brian Wolfe, Curtis Thigpen, Jordan DeJong, Lee Gronkiewicz, Josh Banks; 2008 -- Jesse Carlson, David Purcey, Robinzon Diaz, Scott Richmond, Travis Snider; 2009 -- Ricky Romero, Robert Ray, Brett Cecil, Brad Mills, Marc Rzepczynski, Kyle Phillips; 2010 -- Sergio Santos, Fabio Castro, Rommie Lewis, Erik Kratz, Wil Ledezma, J.P. Arencibia, Shawn Hill, Justin James, Kyle Drabek; 2011 -- Tim Collins, Brad Emaus, Jo-Jo Reyes, Luis Perez, David Cooper, Trystan Magnuson, Eric Thames. Zach Stewart, Henderson Alvarez, Joel Carreno, Darin Mastroianni, Adam Loewen, Danny Farquhar, Chad Beck.


Anonymous said...

So much talent! Looking at all the other teams Minor League systems Toronto has by far the one of the best systems out there. seems like they have done really good with thier scouting and is there any word on who they may be looking at for thier "next big prospect"? Could that person be floating out in the Atlantic waiting to be discovered? Mr"A"

margie sears sherman said... this is impressive!!!!!!......and I have watched them all move up that sweet it is.....thanks for posting Kevin....:-)