Sunday, November 27, 2011

Who's ready for the Bobby Valentine Show?

Bobby Valentine is a bridge to John Farrell. That's how the Red Sox will end up playing this out, after the Bobby V Era ends in a year or two. Not a good fit, as I wrote in today's "On Baseball" column in the Newt-endorsing New Hampshire Union Leader: "Valentine will make a splash, all right ... He'll win the press conference one day and turn a small brush fire into a raging inferno the next."

The Red Sox really missed Farrell as their pitching coach in 2011, when starters went rogue on their Beer and Wings Tour, and they'll be longing for him to return as manager. Farrell is under contract through 2013. The over/under on Bobby V in Boston is 1-1/2 years ... For a fleeting moment Sunday night, it appeared Houston's Brad Mills might enter the picture and become the No. 1 seed for the Red Sox job. Twitter was abuzz with Mills-to-Boston talk after Ken Rosenthal reported GM Ed Wade is about to be fired in a house cleaning. However, it's now sounding like Mills is staying with the Astros. Interesting! 


Ty said...

Bobby Valentine is a bridge to John Farrell.

As a Jays fan: this is okay as long as John Farrell is just a bridge to Sal Fasano.

SteveW said...

I hope Farrell tells the RedSox to stick it where the sun don't shine for the way they treated Francona.

The BlueJaynator said...

Why would Farrell leave a playoff team like the 2013 Blue Jays for a 4th place bunch of bums like the 2013 Red Sox? :)