Friday, November 25, 2011

Blue Jays minor-league staffers in limbo

The whole Red Sox managerial search, which has been a complete debacle, has left a ripple effect throughout Toronto's farm system. Tory Lovullo remains a longshot to succeed Terry Francona in Boston, but until the Sox hire a manager, the Jays don't know if they'll need to replace Lovullo as first-base coach. Also, if Gene Lamont gets the job, Lovullo may join him as bench coach. Anyway, the inside word is that Bobby Valentine is the Red Sox ownership's choice.

Meanwhile, Sal Fasano and others don't have their assignments for 2012. The Double-A Fisher Cats manager won't be named for at least another week, though Sal is the logical choice to return if he doesn't move up. New Hampshire's pitching coach will be Tom Signore, who joined the Fisher Cats in 2009-10 before a stint in Vegas.


@NorthYorkJays said...

Sal Fasano personifies baseball through and through. I look forward to seeing him one day manage the Blue Jays, and in the meantime I think it's great to have him as a part of their developmental team.

Kevin Gray said...

You are right. Sal told me just today that he has a lot more to learn on the managerial side and looks forward to working with the Jays for many years to come ... I had told him he should apply for the Red Sox job, half-kidding.

Ty said...

I'd love to see Sal on the big league coaching staff soon but it also looks like he's been a huge positive influence as a manager at Lansing and now NH... players seem to love him and anytime he speaks to the media, his insights are consistently among the most honest, fresh, and interesting I've read. Here's hoping he stays with the Jays for a long time. He's definitely worth holding onto.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have Sal than Farrell, who makes strange decisions strategy wise. I'm grateful that the Sox didn't even sniff for Fasano. Catchers make better managers than pitchers, they are running the game and not just working every 5th day.
I'm sure AA would be happy about the switch, he knows Sal is ready, Sal has a good handle on all Jays prospects.
AA is doing the right thing, giving Boston the chance to rob themselves blind.I think it will end up being the best arm in Boston's system for a green manager; Sal instead of Farrell is a bonus upgrade.
AA has baseball littered with dazed and confused GM s' that still don't know what hit them.

Anonymous said...

Kevin,Tom Signore here. I think Boston fans will like Bobby Valentine very much this third time around the ML's. Having managed and been loved in Japan, one thing Bobby HAD to do was practice "acceptance" there and work WITH management. I think people will see a kinder,gentler Bobby Valentine and as all in the coaching business know, his baseball knowledge and application on the field is second to none. Red Sox fans have reason to be very optimistic.

Kevin Gray said...

Thanks for the insight, Tom