Friday, May 25, 2012

Stream of consciousness entry

Just got home and turned on the Jays game. Brett Lawrie struck out on a called strike that was at least 6 inches off the plate. All umpires are terrible.Yeah, it was a 14-3 game, but that's not a strike if bad-boy Brett wasn't standing there. Wonder how long the umps will haze him ... Robinson Cano's homer to center field off Tyson Ross was an insane back-spin blast on a pitch below his knees. Oh, my, nobody has more fun playing pro baseball than Nick Swisher. In a related note, his dad. Steve, managed the Reading Phillies in 2004. Ryan Howard hit a bomb off the JFK Coliseum that season ... Happy for Brian Van Kirk and Brad Glenn, who homered for the Fisher Cats tonight. Brad Glenn and Van Kirk each blasted two-out homers off Binghamton Mets starter Darin Gorski. 

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