Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shaun Marcum on T-Plush: "He's a mess."

ST. LOUIS -- So now I'm funding my NLCS trip with gambling winnings from last night. Bumped into Brewers starter Yovani Gallardo at the craps table, and the 17-game winner won me 50 bucks by rolling a hard 10!

Great interview with Shaun Marcum today. On playing for the Brewers: 

"There’s nothing wrong with Toronto. This is just a great baseball city. Milwaukee and St. Louis treat baseball like Canadians treat hockey. It’s a lot of fun be out there every home game with 40,000 fans supporting you," said Marcum, scheduled to pitch a potential Game 6 on Sunday. 

We talked a lot about the Red Sox, a hot topic these days, and Marcum said there is nothing shocking about Boston starters watching team games from the clubhouse. But the beer?

"Starting pitchers like to go inside, even when I was in Toronto. You can see pitches better when you’re watching it on TV. You can read the swings a lot better watching than you can in the dugout. Whether they’re drinking or not, I don’t know, That’s their choice."

Marcum is under contract for one more year with the Brewers before reaching free agency.

"I’d love to stay in Milwaukee. Whether I go to free agency or not, Milwaukee is where I want to be right now," he said.

And, naturally, we needed a sound bite about Nyjer Morgan.

“Oh, he’s a mess – in a good way. He’s a lot fun," Marcum said. "
"He’s definitely misunderstood. Some people feel like they have to do that to have an edge. He's the kind of guy you definitely want on your team with the way he brings energy."

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