Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Theo Epstein is my new GM"

Growing up in New Hampshire, Brad Zapenas went to as many Red Sox games as possible and always dreamed about playing at Fenway Park. Today the goal is to sign a contract with Theo Epstein and play at another of baseball's cathedrals, Wrigley Field. 

Zapenas, drafted by the Cubs this summer, awoke Wednesday morning to learn Epstein was leaving Boston and taking on the ultimate challenge of leading the Cubbies to the World Series.

"I was excited. He's been a familiar face throughout college," said Zapenas, who played for Boston College. "I had the chance of meeting him when we played at spring training. He's young, and it's a great opportunity for him to come to the Cubs and help us win a World Series just like he did in Boston, which would be an unbelievable accomplishment for him, as well as for the Cubs."

The Cubs, honestly, were his second choice for a career move.

"In high school, I always wanted to go to the Red Sox, but I thought the Cubs would be a coll team since they haven't won a World Series in so long, and I feel like everyone in the baseball world is just hoping it will happen soon since they are such a storied franchise," said the Cubs farmhand, an infielder.

"It would be special to be part of this organization when they do win a World Series, and I think bringing Theo in as GM means they are really looking to be successful in the years to come."

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