Monday, October 17, 2011

Milwaukee says goodbye to Prince

Great moment as Milwaukee fans gave a standing ovation to Prince Fielder in his final at-bat with the Brewers before moving on to free agency. The Brewers simply can't compete with baseball's large-market teams that will shell out perhaps $200 million on Fielder's next contract.

Asked about taking off Milwaukee jersey for perhaps the last time, Fielder showed real emotion:

"I had to clear the throat once, but it was all right. I love these guys. I've been playing with most of them since I was 18. So this organization has been great to me. Yeah, man, it's just been good. It's been real," said Fielder, who added more reflection on his time in Milwaukee: "It's been cool. I've kind of grown up a little bit. My kids have gotten older. That's about it, really. Just gotten older. Every year has been a learning experience. I don't know, it's been cool, man. Hopefully I'm here for more years to come. But if not, it's been cool."

It's not. Scott Boras will make sure of that.


Play the Game - indoor baseball/softball said...

I'd like to see baseball come up with a plan to allow market price for players with one team their entire career to be able to stay there if they want to. I think the mlbpa should have a fund created from a % of salaries from the top 25% of wage earners that becomes an endowment to subsidize whatever the difference would be to make it financially feasible for a player to stay with a team if they want.

Don't mistake this for someone who thinks any of these guys are worth what they get paid - this is simply a wish that under the current system could create a league that cities and their fans can relate to like we did in the past with Yaz, Rice, Schmidt, Brett, Ripken and dare I day Berra, Banks, #9, Mantle, or even Stargell, McCovey - with the current system this will never happen again. Jeter may be the last with Rivera and Posada. No one else will afford to. Don't even get me started on the Red Sox right now.

Kevin Gray said...

Great post. Did you know the Pittsburgh Pirates make a ton of money every year -- and benefit from the luxury tax?