Friday, October 21, 2011

Step to the plate, Albert

Albert Pujols made a crucial error in Game 2, but he made more news by dodging the media after the game. Earth to Albert: It's the World Series. Don't hide in the kitchen after a tough loss, forcing the media to grab sound bites from others.

You're a so-called leader. You've been paid $105 million by the Cardinals. Stand at your locker and answer some questions because that's part of your job. Tony La Russa tried to cover for Pujols today in Arlington, but, really, it all sounded quite lame.

"It's get-away day, we leaving earlier because we had an early workout. They wanted to pack for their families. If anybody had said, we need to talk to Albert, he would have stayed," La Russa said. "I heard the criticism, and it offends me because I know our attitude as an organization is 180 degrees different from the way it's being portrayed. Nobody asked for those guys, and they got out of there."

Pujols didn't own up during workout day in Arlington.

"You want me to wait 40 minutes for you guys? I was in the (kitchen)  getting something to eat," he said. "What about the night before when I spoke for an hour and a half? That's not fair ... Nobody approached me for 40 minutes, and I was on my way home."

Pujols went on to say his responsibility is to God and his family. That's weak, Albert. 

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