Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thank you, Curt Schilling

Normally, I ignore comments made by Curt Schilling because he tends to be a blowhard and wasn't all that genuine while I covered the Boston Red Sox in 2004, but he gave a great reaction to Jon Lester's comments about drinking beer in the clubhouse.

Schilling pointed to a lack of leadership couldn't believe Lester talked about needing "more structure" in comments made to the Boston Globe.

"That kind of boggles my mind that [Lester] said that, because at the end of the day, these are grown men," Schilling told listeners on WEEI in Boston. "Do you need a manager to tell you? They all knew, and you always know, when you’re doing something questionable or wrong.

Lester added himself to the list of Red Sox employees throwing Terry Francona under a Greyhound. At one point, he said, "People knew how Tito was and we pushed the envelope with it. We never had rules; we never had that iron-fist mentality.’’

But thank you, Mr. Schilling, for calling out Lester after the lame confession.

"They chose not to correct it, and because they chose not to correct it, I think some of them were absolutely not in good enough shape to pitch through September and help them win games," Schilling said. "That’s embarrassing, and that’s sad. That basically says, at the age of 28, 29, 30, I need an adult more mature than me to give me rules and guidelines."

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Play the Game - indoor baseball/softball said...

God Bless him. He may be a blowhard but at least he speaks what he's thinking at the moment, and that pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about the whole debacle and I suspect many others. Go Rays!!!