Thursday, October 20, 2011

World Series postgame: Chris Carpenter

I've been covering Chris Carpenter during my 17-year career and never seen him mesmerize a press corps like he's doing this postseason. More insightful answers after Game 1, on catcher Yadier Molina:

"I read a book called 'The Blind Side,' and they talk about the left tackle covering the quarterback's blind side, and if it wasn't for the left tackle, he wouldn't have the time to get that pass off to make the quarterback a star or that wide receiver a star, because he's not doing his job. That's what Yadi is -- secretly behind the scenes. He just makes it that much easier.

"He makes me be able to go out there and do the things that I do with zero concern, knowing that he is just on the same page and doing the same things that I'm doing, studying hitters, studying our game plan, knowing that he prepares, knowing all the information that he keeps inside, paying attention to what each at-bat is all about. He's phenomenal."


Organic Performance Foodie said...

Kevin you are my baseball eyes and ears...keep the stories coming. I am not even a baseball fan and I love to read your posts.

Kevin Gray said...

Why, thank you! Looking forward to tonight's chess match w/ La Russa.