Thursday, February 16, 2012

Analytics and anacondas

I like glancing at Blogger analytics and learning about my audience. Since Gray Matter was launched in October, we've had 46,278 visitors from Canada and 39,334 from the United States. Only 146 readers have checked in from Japan, which is strange considering I'm big in Japan, literally. How do people get here? Besides Twitter and Facebook? Well, has sent 5,584 readers and 463. Thank you ... And some of the random Web searches and keywords people have used to find the site:

"Tim Thomas moustache" (119 searches. Seriously)
"Drew Hutchison scouting report" (78). 
"Yu Darvish decision" (76. Too soon?)
"Mark Sobolewski melanoma" (25)
"Vince Wilfork wife" (10 searches. No, really)
"Ricky Romero Rima Fakih breakup" (9)
"Jake Marisnick prospect" (8)
"Anacondas hunt alligator" (1)
"Redcoats from the Revolutionary War" (1)
"Kevin Gray swag" (1)

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