Sunday, February 12, 2012

Headlines you'll see from Spring Training

Storylines to watch for at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium in Dunedin:

Media buzz: new closer Sergio Santos. This time he's at big-league camp in Dunedin.
All eyes on: Kyle Drabek. Could be the X Factor to Toronto's rotation.
Rising star: Travis d'Arnaud is creating a nice catching problem for the Jays.
Breaking out: OF Colby Rasmus and 3B Brett Lawrie.
Friendly competition: Eric Thames and Travis Snider in left field.
Protection needed: Jose Bautista's 2011 season was even more impressive when considering his lack of protection. Adam Lind needs a bounce-back season in the five-hole.
Intriguing prospect: Moises Sierra. Earned a spot on the 40-man after a championship Double-A season. Sweet tools.

The view from J.P. Arencibia's crib at Clearwater Beach this spring.
Photo by the mayor of the K2 Swag District. 

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Mylegacy said...

Kevin, I'm one of those countless thousands of readers from Canada who frequent your site. I must admit YU gave us all some angina regarding that Japanese pitcher thingy...all is forgiven.

The Santos Steal, as his acquisition is being referred to amongst those in the know, was a superlative move by our little multilingual-Greek-Canadian-GM.

Kryptonite Kyle needs something no doubt - fortunately, with McGuire, Hutchison and Jenkins at the door his rebirth is not an absolute necessity.

d'Arnaud - what a sweet problem to have, n'est pas? (the french is to show I'm a real Canadian)

Colby's confused, glazed over, visitor from another planet demeanour is not as scary as it might be with Gose and or Marsinick circling nearby.

Lawrie - one for the ages - we hope. Fingers crossed.

I really like Thames! However, it would be great if Travis could beat him out this spring. Could happen too. If not - I really like Eric!

Bautista should come back to earth a least some this year - only a bit - I hope. As to Lind - healthy and without any excuses - as the singer says, "It's now or never..."

Sierra, he of the cannon arm, is going to have some interesting competition with Marisnick (assuming Gose gets CF), Anderson, Hawkins, Crouse, Knecht and who knows how many more all looking for their day in the sun.

Looks like a great year at the Rogers Center and a great year up and down through the minors.

Is it April yet?