Friday, February 17, 2012

What's happening is Linconceivable

The first time Jeremy Lin played against the University of New Hampshire, he scored five points in 26 minutes as Harvard beat the Wildcats, 83-81, in overtime. He was never spectacular in games against Dartmouth and UNH, and it wasn't a surprise he wasn't drafted. Today Lin has reached a Supernova of stardom with the Knicks, sparking a previously awful team to seven straight wins.

Dartmouth coach Paul Cormier, who previously scouted for Golden State and recommended the Warriors draft Lin in the second round of 2010, said everyone can learn from "Linsanity." My full story is in today's New Hampshire Union Leader.

“He was basically told he wasn’t good enough to play in the NBA when he wasn’t drafted. Now the Knicks haven’t lost with him on the court and there’s a lot of believers, but the reason he is in this position today is because the one person who didn’t give up on him was himself," said Cormier, who gave his Dartmouth team a motivational talk leading up to Friday's game against Yale.
“Some people may have given up on us or given up on you as an individual, and you might think coaches or some teammates have given up on you, but the one thing you cannot do, and Jeremy Lin is the perfect example, is you cannot give up on yourself.”

Jeremy Lin inspires us all.

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