Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Red Rocket Chronicles

Chris Ryan, my co-host for "The NBA Life with Matt Bonner" extracted this audio gem from the Red Rocket on our last show. Bonner was in Philadelphia for Twilight Zone moment. Chris: What's a good story from the road lately?

Bonner: We came in to Philly, and I dropped my bags off and went to do an interview with a band called “The War on Drugs.” I came back, got in the cab, told the driver we were staying at the Four Seasons. That’s where we’ve always stayed since I’ve been with the Spurs for the past five years.

I got on the elevator and went to hit Floor 9 – I did remember what floor I was on – but there were only eight floors. I’m thinking, "That’s odd. There must be another elevator that goes to the higher floors.” I took a stroll around the lobby, and now I’m thinking, “What the heck?” I pulled out my hotel key: Ritz Carlton. I was at the wrong hotel. That’s my story. I know it sounds bad. Tough life. We’re at the Ritz Carlton, not the Four Seasons, but it’s still a funny story.

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