Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NH native Ben Cherington has his day

BOSTON -- After rising through the franchise as a scout, farm director and assistant GM, Ben Cherington officially replaced Theo Epstein Tuesday afternoon during a press conference at Fenway Park. This where Cherington, of Meriden, N.H., watched his first game from the bleachers as a 5-year-old. The highlights:
  • Cherington came across as genuine when saying he felt the anguish and "pain" along with Red Sox fans during a tumultuous September and into the off-season. "We've let our fans down in some important ways recently," he said.
  • Sad news for other teams: John Lackey won't be pitching in 2012. Boston's overpaid, TMZ-hating starter is undergoing Tommy John surgery any day.
  • The Red Sox have a "handful" of candidates for manager. Cherington wants “someone who cares about players, but is also willing and ready to have tough conversations with them ... I want someone who’ll collaborate with the front office and ownership but also is willing to make an argument when he disagrees.”
  • When addressing the team's downward spiral and questionable clubhouse behavior, he said, "There is a great motivation to clean up what needs to be cleaned up.”
                                                   Michael Ivins/Boston Red Sox

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