Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Carpenter will start World Series Game 7*

THE WARRIOR is preparing for another start. I have confirmed that Chris Carpenter will pitch on short rest and take the mound for Game 7 if the Cardinals are able to extend the series. The New Hampshire native first teased reporters today during a workout at Busch Stadium, saying, "I think everybody is available for the rest of the year, don’t you? Whatever (manager Tony La Russa) needs me to do.”

It's now definitely a plan. He will start on three days of rest if St. Louis gets there.

How great is Ron Washington? Each time the Texas manager answers a question in a press conference, it makes you realize why his players love going to battle for him. On Wednesday, he was asked, "Since Tony La Russa is a hanging out with Bill Parcells, Rick Carlisle and Bobby Knight, who do you get to hang out with?"

Wash: "I get to hang out with (coaches) Mike Maddux, Jackie Moore, Gary Pettis, Dave Anderson, (Scott) Coolbaugh, and my team. That's it."

When asked about "Moneyball," Washington managed to give credit to the A's front office and simultaneously poke fun of the movie. I love this:

"To me, it was a great movie about a general manager that was hamstrung as far as dollars go, and he had to find players and put them together under a formula that he thought would work ...You know, I realize they didn't mention (All-Stars) Eric Chávez, Miguel Tejada, (Barry) Zito, (Tim) Hudson, (Mark) Mulder, but that wasn't what it was about."

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