Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blue Jays protect John Farrell

The Red Sox desperately missed the guidance and voice of John Farrell in 2011 -- and it showed down the stretch as Josh Beckett led a Beer and Wings Tour de Force. Once the Blue Jays learned that Farrell was might be targeted to manage the Red Sox, they changed a policy and will no longer grant permission for lateral moves.

No, Boston, you can't have Farrell. He's under contract for two more years. We like him. Take a hike. That's essentially what the Jays said by making a policy change. Bob Elliott wrote a terrific piece on this topic today, saying if Farrell left Toronto, it would leave the Jays feeling like "second-class citizens in their own division."

More Elliott: "The Jays would have been like the Kansas City Athletics in the 1950s and 1960s, when K.C. served as a farm team for the New York Yankees, although both were in the American League."


Anonymous said...

Demarlo Hale is the right man for the job anyway!

Kevin Gray said...

I think you may be right. DeMarlo Hale was a finalist for the Toronto job last year and knows exactly what's needed in the Boston clubhouse after seeing it for himself.